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The company activities date back to 2001 when new approaches in plant nutrition started emerging in Ukraine, namely introduction of extra-root (foliar) feeding systems with chelate-based microfertilizers in crop cultivation technologies.

Close cooperation with the Polish company «Ekoplon» – a leader in microfertilizers production in Europe, resulted in setting upТОВ «Ekoplon-Ukraine» LLCin Ukraine. This project was aimed at conducting large-scale training for Ukrainian farmers on implementation of the latest approaches in crop fertilization system, unveiling the potential of micronutrient nutrition, ways to obtaining consistently high yields and increase farms profitability.

We are the first in Ukraine to actively develop and implement microelement nutrition systems for all field crops, orchards, berry fields, vegetables, etc. Together with research institutions of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine (Institute of Agriculture, Plant Production Institute named after V. Ya. Yuriev, Institute of Potato Farming, Institute of Bioenergy Crops and Sugar Beets, Institute of Fodder and Agriculture of Podillia, Institute of Grape and Wine, Institute of Horticulture, and others) a number of long-term scientific surveys were conducted to study microfertilizers’ impact on yields of various crops and their economic efficiency. This science-based work formed the basis of growing technologies optimization for all agricultural crops. Scheme of extra-root (foliar) feeding with microfertilizers was adapted to Ukrainian realities based on climatic conditions of the Ukrainian regions, biological properties of crops, as well as agrochemical indicators of the soil. Dozens of different “field days”, conferences, seminars and meetings were held where the obtained results were presented. Such activities resulted in close cooperation with the largest agricultural holdings of Ukraine, medium-sized farms and farms, which continues till present.


2012 was a decisive year in the company development. Joint Polish-Ukrainian enterprise «AGROVIT GROUP» LLC was set up based on «Ekoplon-Ukraine» LLC . A significant part of production facilities of Vinnytsia Chemical Plant was acquired, which marked onset of a new stage in evolutionary path of the company’s development.


2013 –  modernization of production facilities was carried out, the newest automated line for fertilizers production was installed, and manufacture of a new innovative brand of microfertilizers «NANOVIT» was developed and launched together with Polish partners. This brand is unique due to active multifunctional complex «NANOAСTIV», thanks to which fertilizers have unsurpassed properties and significant advantages over analogues, which ensured success and constant demand for the products.


2015 – roduction of the widespread and world-famous mineral fertilizerMAGNESIUM SULPHATE crystalandMAGNESIUM SULPHATE granular. Currently, we are the only Ukrainian company that owns the technology and produces this fertilizer brand.

2015 – production (granulation) of nitrogen fertilizerAMMONIUM SULFATE (N – 21 %; S – 24 %). began.


2016 due to significant increase in the world-wide use of liquid starter fertilizers characterized by a higher coefficient of nutrients’ use by plants as compared to solid fertilizers, the demand for this type of fertilizers is also increasing in Ukraine. The company promptly responds to this challenge. It develops and launches production of a new line of liquid starter fertilizers «NANOVIT TERRA», which subsequently proved to be quite successful in the Ukrainian market and is currently used in many agroformations.


2017 – a step from a mineral fertilizers producer to an expert in their application with an individual approach to each field. A state-of-the-art, certified agrochemical laboratory, equipped with the advanced, high-precision diagnostic equipment of world leaders from the USA and the Netherlands, has been arranged based on the enterprise’s production facilities. Therefore, the company moves from the status of traditional producers to the status of partners and advisors carrying out field agrochemical surveys, providing farmers with a comprehensive analysis of existing problems and determining direction and stages for their solutions. The end result is improvement of soil condition, increase of yields and farm profitability.


2021 – development and launch into production of a new line of complex mineral fertilizers«МACROSTAR», which has been successfully tested in various agro-ecological zones and farms of Ukraine. The best fast-acting ingredients are used in the composition of fertilizers, characterized by complete water-solubility and high prolonged effect. Fertilizer grades contain not only traditional NPK but also Ca, Mg, S and a whole range of microelements (Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe, Mo, В, Co, Si). The company also produces customized fertilizer formulations based on agrochemical parameters of soil.

The company has been successfully operating in the Ukrainian market for over 20 years. Efficiency of our fertilizers and approaches to plant nutrition is confirmed by successful usage experience on millions of hectares of cereals, oil and technical crops, orchards, vineyards and vegetables in Ukraine and various countries around the world.

We have been closely cooperating with many powerful agricultural holdings of Ukraine, in particular Myronivskyi Hliboproduct PJSC, UkrLandFarming group of companies, Epicenter-Agro LLC, Tas Agro LLC, Volyn-Zerno-Product LLC, Landfort agricultural holding, Zakhidnyi Bug PE and a number of medium-sized farms throughout Ukraine for two decades.

Our Team



Company founder and CEO


Deputy Director for development and innovation, Head of agricultural technologies and plant nutrition direction, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Палевський Роман




Commercial Director


Head of accounting and financial and economic support department — Chief Accountant
Сереветник Олена


Head of agrochemical research, analytics and systematization department, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences


Head of field testing and innovations implementation department, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences


Head of production and technical department and logistics

Willing to get more profit from each hectare?

We will carry out agrochemical diagnostics of your field. We will select the required types and forms of mineral fertilizers and develop recommendations for their use. We will optimize the fertilization system to obtain the maximum profit.

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