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We produce high-quality mineral fertilizers and microfertilizers

We offer fertilizers and provide farmers with comprehensive solutions and benefits.

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A team of experienced scientists and specialists with European experience working in every direction of the company's development
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We perform soil audits, develop and implement fertility management systems in agricultural enterprises
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We guarantee the highest economic profit from each hectare with the lowest costs, if our recommendations and products are used


Advanced agrochemical laboratory, the latest approaches to soil and plants audit pursuant to global methods


We discover secrets of your field's fertility, health and potential


We have our own plant of mineral fertilizers thus being able to produce any formulations for the specific field


A wide range of mineral and innovative microfertilizers in stock, which allows providing farmers with everything they need


We accompany agricultural enterprises from providing recommendations to harvesting

Strategic directions

Soil and plants audit

We discover secrets of your field's fertility and its potential.

Fertilizers and microfertilizers

A wide range of innovative liquid and solid fertilizers

Fertilization scheme

Aimed at obtaining the highest economic profit.

Candidates of sciences in our team
Years of experience
Factors of soil analysis
Hectares of analyzed fields

Our products

20 years of successful experience in production of high-quality innovative fertilizers

NPS 9-20-12
NANOVIT Terra 5:20:5
Сульфат магнію 16
Magnesium Sulfate crystal MgO 16% SO3 32%
Proven quality


Production facilities of “AGROVIT GROUP” are located in the territory of “Vinnytsiakhimprom” in Vinnytsia

Ideally, agrochemical analysis should be carried out annually. Then you can monitor efficiency of the offered fertilizer system in dynamics.

However, given unwillingness of agricultural enterprises to perform annual analyses, we recommend carrying out the analysis no later than once every 3 years.

The best time for soil sampling is after harvesting.

Yes, NANOVIT complex fertilizers can be combined with plant protection products in one tank mixture.

The exception is only herbicides of sulfonylurea group (Maister, Titus, etc.). All fungicides and insecticides have no restrictions.

However, if different PPP containing several active substances are used, compatibility test is also recommended.

Yes, it does. The main water quality indicators are its pH and hardness. pH from 5 to 6, in most cases, is optimal for preparing a working solution and spraying crops, as well as nutrients absorption from the fertilizer by a plant and short-term storage (12-24 hours) in the tank.

Water hardness is determined by presence of dissolved minerals. Calcium and magnesium have the greatest impact. The higher concentration of these and similar minerals is, the harder is the water.

Our company’s portfolio includes MACROSTAR line of mineral fertilizers. Depending on indicators of soil agrochemical analysis, we produce different formulations of fertilizers.

The fertilizer composition can include not only NPK but also magnesium and sulfur, as well as the whole range of microelements (Zn, Mn, Fe, Cu, B, etc.) in high concentrations. Fertilizers are water-soluble and fast-acting. They can be used both during main fertilization and at sowing.

Willing to get more profit from each hectare?

We will carry out agrochemical diagnostics of your field. We will select the required types and forms of mineral fertilizers and develop recommendations for their use. We will optimize the fertilization system to obtain the maximum profit.

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