Modern agrochemical laboratory

Laboratory of «АGROVIТ GROUP» – was created to test soils and plants as well as quality of mineral and organic fertilizers, various substrates and substances.

The laboratory offers high-quality service and provides recommendations for solving the detected problems.

In-depth knowledge and extensive experience are concentrated in our laboratory being guarantee for the results’ high accuracy and reliability.

The laboratory is certified, fitted with the world leaders’ equipment.

All tests are carried out in compliance with requirements of current international, national and regional regulatory documents, the latest measurement methods, etc.

Лабораторія Фото 10Лабораторія Фото 10
Лабораторія Фото 20Лабораторія Фото 20
Лабораторія Фото 30Лабораторія Фото 30

Laboratory concept

Your success is our success!
We invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation!

Willing to get more profit from each hectare?

We will carry out agrochemical diagnostics of your field. We will select the required types and forms of mineral fertilizers and develop recommendations for their use. We will optimize the fertilization system to obtain the maximum profit.

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