Сульфат магнію 16

Magnesium Sulfate crystal MgO 16% SO3 32%

White fine crystalline powder with high magnesium (MgO) and sulfur (SO3), content used for extra-root feeding of all agricultural crops. The fertilizer is made of high-quality raw materials, contains no lead, cadmium, chlorides or other dangerous substances.

25 kg

Properties and application

  • The fertilizer is characterized by good flowability, perfectly dissolves in water
  • Is compatible with all types of pesticides. Ensures fairly high efficiency when combined with CAM, carbamide and NANOVIT extra-root fertilizers
  • Owing to magnesium contained in the fertilizer, it effectively blocks biuret (a harmful substance) contained in carbamide
  • Forms no sediment, and creates no unforeseen situations if mixed with pesticides, growth stimulants and other agents in a tank
  • Promptly solves the issue of magnesium and sulfur deficiency in critical periods of plant growth and development
  • Activates photosynthetic and biochemical processes in plants
  • Increases crops resistance to stressful weather factors
  • Increases yields and products quality (protein and gluten content – in cereals; sugar content – in sugar beets; oil content in sunflower and soybeans, etc.).
Сульфат магнію кристалічний MgO 16% SO3 32% застосування EN
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