NANOVIT Terra 3:18:18

Multi-component highly concentrated fertilizer with high phosphorus (Р) and potassium (K) content in combination with nitrogen and microelements based on multifunctional biologically active complex "NANOAСTIV".

1000 l (eurocube) and in bulk
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Properties and application

  • Universal fertilizers, used for soil application (as starter feeding during sowing), as well as for irrigation and fertigation of all agricultural crops
  • The maximum effect is achieved by simultaneous fertilizers introduction into rows at sowing
  • It is characterized by complete solubility, low crystallization temperature, low salt index, high accessibility of nutrients, especially phosphorus during seed germination and the initial stages of organogenesis
  • Application rate should be 10-40 l/ha for application by seed drills in rows during sowing
  • The fertilizer may be applied on the surface, followed by working it into the soil
  • Application rate at watering should be 10 l/200 l of water
  • Application rate for fertigation is 1-10 liters per day, depending on the phase of crops growth and development and yield potential
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