Granular ammonium sulphate N 21% S 24 %

Universal granular mineral fertilizer designed for feeding cereals and pulse crops, rapeseed, sunflower, sugar and fodder beets, potatoes, corn, vegetables, fruit plantations and berry fields. Contains 21% nitrogen in ammonium form and 24% sulfur in sulfate form.

25 kg, 1000 kg
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Properties and application

  • The fertilizer does not clump, is characterized by strength and high granules uniformity ( > 3 mm – 80 %)
  • It is characterized by low migration ability protecting it from washout
  • Due to content of nitrogen in ammonium form, the fertilizer is 25-30% more efficient compared to nitrate and amide forms (nitrogen practically does not evaporate)
  • Granules quickly dissolve in soil, are easily absorbed by root system (by 90-95%)
  • High sulfur content ensures more efficient absorption of nitrogen
  • The fertilizer quickly solves the issue of sulfur and nitrogen deficiency
  • May be mixed with all types of loose and granular fertilizers.
  • Ensures high yields and products quality, and therefore higher crops value


It is recommended, first of all, to apply under crops sensitive to lack of sulfur, as well as on soils poor in nitrogen and sulfur.

The fertilizer is used for direct application as a starter fertilizer when sowing spring crops, as the main soil cultivation in autumn when sowing winter crops, and for feeding at appropriate development stages.

The most efficient application for winter crops (wheat, rapeseed) is in pre-sowing tillage and on frozen soil. Application rate is determined depending on agrochemical parameters of soil and planned yield, and is 100-200 kg/ha.

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