NANOVIT Фосфорний

NANOVIT Phosphorus

Highly concentrated phosphorous (P) fertilizer in combination with Nitrogen (N), Boron (В), and Zinc (Zn) based on unique multifunctional biologically active complex "NANOAСTIV" containing 15 L-amino acids, wide range of phytohormones, monosaccharides, and organic acids.

1 l, 10 l, 20 l, 1000 l

Properties and application

  • Designed for extra-root feeding of all agricultural crops
  • Recommended for use on soils Phosphorus deficiency, low pH level, during spring and autumn cold snap (at the temperature below 10°C), as well as during periods of drought or waterlogging
  • It is quite efficient at early stages of plant development, as well as during flowering and earing of cereal crops
  • Prevents Phosphorus, Boron and Zinc deficiency
  • Stimulates root system development and intensifies tillering
  • Ensures more rational water consumption by the plant thus improving water regime of crops
  • Stimulates flowering and generative organs formation
  • Ensures synchronous ripening of fruits and extends their storage period
  • Is guaranteed to provide higher yield and product quality
  • Compatible with the vast majority of pesticides, except agent from sulfonylureas and fungicides group with copper content. However, it is advisable to test their compatibility before application Increases pesticides efficiency owing to a wide range of biologically active substances
  • Increases pesticides efficiency owing to a wide range of biologically active substances
  • The fertilizer may be applied during fog and light dew, since the product is distributed in a thin layer on leave surface and it does not run off or evaporate from the plant owing to natural consistency and other components of “NANOACTIVCOMPLEX”
NANOVIT Фосфорний застосування UA
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