NANOVIT Mono Boron

Concentrated long-acting boron (B) solution based on the unique, multifunctional biologically active complex "NANOAСTIV" containing 15 L-amino acids, wide range of phytohormones and monosaccharides.

1 l, 10 l, 20 l, 1000 l

Properties and application

  • Intended for feeding crops of rapeseed, beetroot, fruit trees, grapes, and other crops requiring significant amount of boron
  • Promptly prevents boron deficiency
  • Activates protein and carbohydrate metabolism processes
  • Improves flowering and flowers settlement
  • Increases the number of flowers, pods, ad beans on a plant and prevents their abortion
  • Prevents development of physiological diseases (chlorosis, leaves deformation, rotting of core and roots, etc.)
  • Substantially influences implementation of genetic potential of varieties and hybrids
  • Increases sugar content and product shelf life
  • Compatible with the vast majority of pesticides, however, it is advisable to test their compatibility before application
  • The fertilizer may be applied during fog and light dew, since the product is distributed in a thin layer on leave surface and it does not run off or evaporate from the plant owing to natural consistency and other components of “NANOACTIVCOMPLEX”
NANOVIT Моно Бор застосування UA
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