NANOVIT Гуматаміномакс

NANOVIT Humate Amino Max

Highly-concentrated organic fertilizer based on potassium humate with high humic and fulvic acids content, L-amino acids and phytohormones in combination with wide range of macro- and microelements. Recommended for seed treatment, extra-root (foliar) feeding of all field crops, fruit trees, grapes, vegetables in open and closed soil, flowers, etc.

1 l, 10 l, 20 l, 1000 l

For extra-root (foliar) feeding of all field crops (cereals, corn, sunflower, soy, beets, vegetables, melon and gourds), application rate should be 0.3-0.5 l/ha; for berries, fruit plantations and grapes – 0.5-1.0 l/ha.

Properties and application

  • The fertilizer is characterized by wide range of action
  • Optimal combination of salts of humic and fulvic acids, free L-amino acids and phytohormones contributes to rapid activation of phytohormonal activity of plants immediately after application (starts acting 1 hour after the application)
  • Improves germination energy and increases field germination of seeds
  • Relieves depression from herbicide stress (washing off soil herbicides, burns after spraying with pesticides, etc.)
  • Increases plant immunity and extends the period of fungicide protective effect.
  • Increases plants resistance to drought, heat and low temperatures
  • Quickly restores plants after various damages (hail, pests, etc.)
  • Compatible with the vast majority of pesticides, however, it is advisable to test their compatibility before application
  • Ensures yields increase and products quality improval
NANOVIT Гумат Аміно Макс застосування UA
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